Kathy Sheen after a photo session with Renzo Costa and his pregnant partner: “I’ve never seen it like this”

The journalist Kathy Sheen showed on her Instagram account the recent photo session starring businessman Renzo Costa and his partner Thalía Alva, who is expecting twins. It turns out that they will soon become new parents.

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After seeing the photo session where a Renzo Costa she looks very happy, the journalist from “On the sixth day”, Kathy Sheen He stated that he had never been seen like this before. “Renzo Costa grinning from ear to ear, posing with the mother of his first babies,” she wrote.

“There will be two, twice. He looks happy and content. We have never seen him like this or I have never seen him like this, so good, may happiness come to his family,” he said. Kathy Sheen after seeing the last photo session of the businessman Renzo Costa and Thalia Alva.

In the same way, Kathy Sheen He remarked that he hopes the businessman Renzo Costa will be a good father with his babies and added: “He will be a father and I hope he behaves like one and not like others.” Apparently he would have referred to Renato Tapia, of whom it has been known that he has not given his last name to his six-year-old son.

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What will Renzo Costa’s children be called?

The businessman’s children Renzo Costa They will be twins and the businessman’s mother, Marina Bustamante, revealed the names of the creatures by publishing photos of the baby shower, which was a highly anticipated event for the parents and the family.

The babies of Renzo Costa and Thalia Alva They will be called Rodrigo and Renato. The same information had already been released previously by Rodrigo González, host of Amor y Fuego, who said that he had informants everywhere.