Kathy Sheen after learning about Magaly Medina’s new ampay: “Which of the cheats will it be?”

Like many, journalist Kathy Sheen is shocked by the new ampay that her colleague Magaly Medina will launch on her show “Magaly TV The Firm” this January 25. She herself does not know who she would be but her followers have given her several names, none confirmed.

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“The wives are starting to throw out the names and the truth is that I’m already confused. Who will it be? Why will men be like that,” was the first thing she said Kathy Sheenseeing that many followers name Richard Acuña, Roberto El Chorri Palacios and even Jackson Mora.

next, Kathy Sheen it also reminded of a new character who has just gotten married. “I hadn’t remembered this character. From Dante Cardosa. Among so many options, I didn’t know that there were so many people who think it’s him. This name is one of those that sounds the most on my networks,” said the journalist from “On the sixth day.”

Finally, Kathy Sheen referred to Roberto “El Chorri” Palacios and his recent reaction after the ampay. “Many comadres are telling me, how is the conscience, that his account has put it in private. Is he selling himself?

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Who have reacted strangely after promo?

After launching the promo for the new ampay, Roberto “El Chorri”, Palacios is the one who has blocked comments on his Instagram account. He recently renewed his vows with his wife, despite her ampays.

Who has also restricted comments on their Instagram posts have been Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander, who do not allow them to write to him. This has also generated suspicion.