Kathy Sheen after message from Yaco Eskenazi to Natalie Vértiz: “What counts is the intention” [VIDEO]

The journalist of “On the sixth day”, Kathy Sheen, gave her point of view when she saw that Yaco Eskenazi had finally sent birthday greetings to Natalie Vértiz, one day after her birthday. The followers of the young press were the ones who warned him.

YOU CAN SEE: Kathy Sheen emphasizes that Yaco did not greet Natalie Vértiz for her birthday: “Is there a little tremor in the relationship?”

Thus, Katy Sheen did not hesitate to give his point of view when he saw that Iaco Eskenazi finally dedicated a post to Natalie Vertizafter he wondered why he had not written anything for his birthday.

“Calm down, I already saw. Finally, the next day, but what does it matter, the intention is still worth it. Daddy Yaco put his Happy Birthday publication on him. All good, all good,” was the last thing the journalist said Katy Sheen.

Let’s remember that just a few days ago, Katy Sheen generated a stir by wondering if something was going on in the relationship of Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vertiz. “It turns out that yesterday was his birthday and I was waiting all day, where is Yaco’s post? Like: The love of my life, my partner, I said when I will post the post and so far the post has not arrived, ”said the communicator.

after this comment Katy Sheen He couldn’t help but ask his followers a question: “Why didn’t Yaco send his birthday greetings? Trouble in paradise?”.

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Kathy Sheen emphasizes that Yaco did not greet Natalie Vértiz

Journalist Kathy Sheen commented on a story from Instagram that Yaco Eskenazi had not sent his regards to Natalie Vértiz for her birthday. She was surprised and hinted that there would be “trouble in paradise”.

On her official Instagram account, the model Natalie Vertiz she saw herself posting some greetings from some friends and also some images of the beautiful birthday cake she received yesterday, September 29.