Kathy Sheen attacks the ‘Little Prince’ for insane comments against Magaly Medina: “The worst”

Michelle Soifer’s ex, Giuseppe Beningini, is on everyone’s lips after meeting, through a report from Magaly Medina, What do you do in Bolivia? The ‘Little Prince’ He was exposed by the ‘Urraca’ program, who evidenced it and revealed the ‘cachuelo’ that he has as a gigolo in exchange for $2,500, in addition to offering all kinds of services. This meant that the Venezuelan did not sit idly by and responded in an unprecedented way to the redhead, to whom she made some proposals and mentioned her husband. Alfredo Zambraneither. Given this, the journalist Kathy Sheen came forward to attack the model.

YOU CAN SEE: Giuseppe Benignini responds to Magaly and offers his gigolo services: “Thank you for enjoying my content”

And it is that, the young man did not hesitate to write in an unusual way to the controversy ‘magpie’ tras exposing that he works offering sexual services. Therefore, he was sent with everything and surprised her with some messages out of place. “I can give you a better price and that you enjoy my massages, since the notary does not know how to do any of that, apart from how old you already are, you need collagen and I have a lot to give,” read one of the messages that Magaly Medina herself shared on her official Instagram account.

Given this, the communicator Kathy Sheen, Known for commenting on show business, she did not hesitate to give her point of view. “Many gossips send me this information about the ‘Little Prince’ who has sent a message to Magaly and I am not going to repeat this message about a note they took from him… whatever it was, really, I read the message and it seems to me of the worst, vulgar, spoiled, little man”, began by saying the also reporter of ‘Al Sexto día’.

“Having that ordinary attitude, because the education of the person is shown when speaking and, really, it seemed to me… no, really this leg, Michelle very well ending with this subject who only insults, puts other people who have nothing to do with the lawsuit and their arguments are low (…) this guy is the worst,” added the journalist, who rejected all the messages from the “Little Prince” and congratulated Michelle Soifer to break that relationship.

YOU CAN SEE: ‘Little Prince’ attacks Magaly Medina: “You need collagen and I have a lot to give”

Giuseppe Benignini and one of his responses to Magaly Medina

At another time, the “Little Prince” was encouraged to write to Magaly Medina, but to attack her and bother her with a message about her and heru husband Alfredo Zambrano, leaving users shocked by his way of expressing himself, this after learning about his current job in Bolivia. On this occasion, he did not hesitate to criticize the notary and make more than one indecent comment for the redhead.

“Hello Magaly, good morning for what they sent me last night and I was able to see on social networks, you bought my material and enjoyed it with those of your production. I know that the notary does not have it like I have it and it will never move like I do , but don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything. I just wanted to thank you for enjoying my content and all the love you have for me,” he said on his social network.