Katia Palma dissatisfied with participants of I am: “I would send them all to their home”

He tired! Katia palma she was quite uncomfortable with the presentations she has seen in I am: Great Battles in the last few days. The jury of the program mentioned that it seems that the participants were going to “comply” with the competition, because they did not see any improvement or a show that is at the height of the “great battles”.

This happened in the edition of this January 3 in the program, when ‘Celia Cruz’ returned to the stage to challenge José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’.

The presentation of both imitators left the members of the jury unsatisfied, especially Katia, who assured that she does not understand why, despite the comments and constructive criticism they are given, they are unable to improve with their imitations.

“I’m really mortified, really. I don’t know what’s happening with the contestants, I don’t know what’s happening with the contest, which makes me want to send everyone home. I feel like they are coming to fulfill. So, so many flowers that we throw at the participants, that they make an effort, that they polish themselves… because this is an international competition and we are not seeing the level that this competition deserves ”, expressed Katia Palma.

“Starting with you (Mauri), who you all adjust, and of course, they come and there is no presentation like the incredible ones we have seen as now with ‘José Feliciano’, who has taken his time to come back with strength. ‘Celia Cruz’ is coming, I’ve already seen her shine on stage; ‘El Puma’, which I have also seen shine (…). They come to fulfill and it makes me want to throw everything to the hunk ”, he added.

Like Katia Palma, Janick Maceta mentioned that shortly after the grand final of the competition, the participants cannot arrive with a low level.

“Sometimes, we are disappointed, because we know the potential and we know that they have to work hard, because We are already closer to the end and they cannot get cold. They have to be practicing constantly, ”he mentioned.