Katia Palma explodes against participants of I am: “I would send them all to their house” [VIDEO]

He couldn’t take it anymore. Katia Palma exploded against participants of Yo Soy Internacional and hinted that they would be appearing on the reality show only for commitment and did not hesitate to send them home.

“I do not know what is happening with the contestants, I do not know what is happening with the participants that makes me want to send them all home to the truth,” the judge of the Latina program said at first.

But, that was not all, because the jury of I am He explained that it would be disrespectful to them, but especially to the public because supposedly instead of improving, they would be reaching the international level competition worse.

“Because I feel that they are coming to fulfill, then so many flowers that we throw at the participants, that they make an effort, that they polish themselves, because this is an international competition and we are not seeing the level that this competition deserves … Of course they come to fulfill already It makes me want to throw everything in the bucket, that’s not fair, not for us, not for the spectators, “he said. Katia Palma.

Yo Soy Internacional: Katia Palma announces Onlyfans: “I’m already opening it”

The jury of Yo Soy Internacional, Katia Palma, released a scoop and assured that in her OnlyFans she would be preparing a surprise at the Janick Flowerpot.

“Of course, I’m already opening my Onlyfans, eye my Onlyfans … I mean the scoop Karen, my wings are already coming out, they are already making me wings for the next chapter of I am like Janick used in Miss Universe, How the stretcher … At Christmas wings come, project myself in a bikini and the wings, “he said with a laugh.