Katy Perry reveals Orlando Bloom helps her put together her looks before concerts

Katy Perry took the opportunity to share more tender anecdotes between her and her partner Orlando Bloom in an interview for E! News. On this occasion, she said that the actor supported her in choosing the clothes and accessories that she wore in her presentations during her stay in Las Vegas.

During the conversation, which was made public on December 15, the singer shared more details about her relationship with Bloom and how the two accompany each other during their parenting role (although each continues with their artistic career).

“We talked about the costumes and makeup. Sometimes when I go to a test, he asks me for notes or I teach him this. It’s fun, and we tell each other the truth. I say, ‘Love, don’t wear that. You look like something. Don’t do it, ‘”Katy commented.

In addition, she said that all the displays of affection on the part of Orlando keep her calm and inspired to want to continue with her life as a pop star, while continuing to live motherhood as much as possible.

Finally, the artist also revealed that she will give her audience what they have been asking for: she will have dark brown hair again and will accompany it with outfits inspired by her time as “California Gurls.”

The actor went viral by revealing how he and Katy Perry get rid of their daughter Daisy’s mucus. The protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean admitted that he usually competes with the singer to see who sucks the most.

“I’ve sucked a lot of snot on this thing. Katy and I take turns seeing who can get the biggest mucus out, “commented the star in the Fridababy brand video. The video in question was posted on Instagram and shows a mother using the NoseFrida Snotsucker product to remove the remnants of matter from her baby’s nose.

In October, the singer was invited to host an edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and took the opportunity to joke about the similarities between being a mom and a pop star, putting a rather curious twist on her speech.

“Now that I am a mom, my life is totally different and yet I realized that it is somewhat similar to being a pop star. You’re up all night, usually holding a bottle of some kind, there’s vomit on the floor, and your breasts are always out, ”Perry said.