“Kazumi Squirts” wants to be intimate with a thousand men before the age of 30

Kazumi squirts is a model who has managed to position herself in her field due to her artistic gifts and talent in the United States, becoming viral in recent days as a result of her spicy confessions that have to do with her intimate life.

At just 24 years old, the talented Kazumi He told without any qualms that you have had sex with more than 500 people, but he expressed not being satisfied and is going for double: he wants a thousand sexual experiences.

“I want to remove the stigma about having been intimate with many men and women, who cares? It empowers me to be able to follow my sexual desires, ”she told the Daily Star.

“The mission of my life” is the name that Kazumi Squirts gave to his incredible goal

As part of generating economic income, Kazumi squirts sells your audiovisual material on the OnlyFans page. In turn, he made it clear that he always takes maximum care of himself.

“I am safe and healthy, I use sexual protection and I take regular exams (to rule out diseases or infections).” added.

According to his testimony, Kazumi already has on his record having been with more than 500 people at the age of 21, after having been at sex parties with polyamorous people.

Along the same lines, Kazumi reported that one night he broke a record: he was with 50 people in a single night in the company of his boyfriend, he revealed to The Sun.

“The truth is that I lost count after 98. I used to write their names on a secret list, with codes like stars if they were good or hearts if I started to feel something. I had to delete the list because my ex found it and got upset, “he added.

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