Ke Characters: The cumbia that conquers

Argentine cumbia arrives in Peru! Ke Characters, the acclaimed cumbia group will land on Peruvian soil for the first time on July 27. Peruvian fans have been looking forward to this moment, and the pre-sale of tickets for their show has been given since May 26 by Teleticket

Conquering social networks, Ke Characters is in a brilliant moment. The themes of him, like “A weekend” and “Poor heart”have gone viral on platforms like TikTok, generating millions of plays and taking their music to every corner of the virtual world. The group has been able to connect with young audiences and has managed to establish itself as one of the most prominent references in the current cumbia scene.

But this is only the beginning for Ke Characters, who are destined to break borders and conquer international stages. The projection of the band is enormous and does not go unnoticed by the experts of the music industry. His fresh and infectious style has captivated crowds, and his undeniable talent has garnered recognition from critics and fans alike.

The arrival of Ke Characters a Peru marks an important milestone in his career, and promises to be a night full of energy, rhythm and joy. The appointment is July 27, and tickets are already available for pre-sale through teleticket since May 26. Ke Characters arrives to make you dance and infect you with its enveloping cumbia!