Keiko Fujimori and Mark Vito: Look at the drastic physical change that the couple had after announcing their separation

In recent days, Mark Vito has been making people talk about the radical physical change he has had after his separation with the former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

However, it is not the only one that has a different appearance, since the leader of Fuerza Popular it also looks very different compared to a long time ago.

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What does Mark Vito currently look like?

Mark Vito is paralyzing social networks, because a few days ago he created his account TikTokwhere he shows the drastic physical change he has had since he separated from the mother of his two daughters.

vito He has more than 160,000 followers on the platform, despite the fact that he uploaded his first clip just five days ago. In addition, it has its most viewed clip with 8 million views.

“But what an evolution. I want to follow in your footsteps”, “You did a 90 degree turn”, “I want to reach my 40 like this and single”, “This is thanks to a lot of effort and hard work in the gym”, are read in some of the comments.

Mark Vito before and after. Photo: Diffusion

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This is what Keiko Fujimori looks like after their separation

Keiko Fujimoriunlike her husband Mark Vito, She has been active on social networks for a long time, so she has more than 270,000 followers on Instagram so far.

Through her social network, the leader of Fuerza Popular shows the different social events she holds and political commitments she has. This is how she unveiled her radical change of look.

According to her daughter Kyara Viallanella, politics has followed a diet for a long time and through her social networks Keiko shows that she also does a lot of sports to maintain a healthy life. “Full #sport to start the day. This time with a Piura super team. Thanks for inviting me!”, She reads herself in one of her posts.

Keiko Fujimori before and after. Photo: Diffusion

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What did Rodrigo González say about the change of Mark Vito?

Many artists have commented on the radical change of appearance that Mark Vito and Rodrigo González is one of them. The television presenter was surprised by the new physique of Keiko Fujimori’s still husband.

On the other hand, true to his style, he joked with the new image of the American who has lived in Peru for more than a decade. “Sure! This is the best solution, it’s the truth, if that’s how it’s put Mark Vito without Keiko Fujimori, we already know what Peru has to do to be much better, goodbye Keiko Fujimori!”, concluded the figure of Willax Television.