Kevin Spacey loses legal battle against “House of Cards” producer

American actor Kevin Spacey will have to pay almost $ 31 million to the producer of the series “House of Cards”, the series he starred in until he was fired for allegations of sexual harassment, determined an arbitration judge.

The ruling is from October 2020, but it was made public this Monday, when MRC, producer of the series aired on Netflix, filed a petition to confirm the verdict in a Los Angeles court.

In the document, MRC details that after the complaints published against Spacey for harassment and sexual assault in 2017, it suspended the actor and ordered an investigation which determined that “Spacey broke with determinations established in the acting and executive production agreements that set the standards for his conduct in the workplace, including breaking MRC’s harassment policy.”

The wave of accusations that halted the great career of the 62-year-old Spacey corresponded with the rise of the #MeToo movement, which was born from the case of the all-powerful producer Harvey Weinstein.

Spacey starred in five seasons of “House of Cards” until several allegations of sexual harassment against co-workers were made public in the media.

“MRC was not aware of this type of conduct by Spacey with members of the cast or crew of the show,” states the producer in the document.

Two-time Oscar winner, the “American Beauty” performer was eventually fired from the series in which he played Frank Underwood, an unscrupulous American politician.

The production company added that the consequent exclusion of the American actor from the popular series required a reorganization of the work that resulted in “substantial losses” for MRC.

MRC argues that it had to rewrite the script excluding Underwood, the main character of the series, and redesign the sixth season that went from 13 to 8 episodes.

The production company started a legal battle against Spacey in 2019, and according to the petition released this Monday, in 2020 an arbitration judge ruled in favor of MRC declaring the breach of Spacey’s contract.

Kevin Spacey’s legal representatives did not respond to AFP’s request for comment.