Kickingball grows in Peru. The third Christmas Cup started in Callao

In an atmosphere of great camaraderie among all the tournament participants, yesterday the inauguration of the Third Christmas Cup of Kickingball was held in the Callao Sports Village, a sports discipline that arrived in Peru in 2019 and that with the passing of the years has grown in a staggered manner.

Kickingball, in order to get to know it a little better, is a sport that combines three: football, handball and baseball. It is practiced only by women and is currently very popular in 17 countries in Central America and Europe. On Sunday, Callao, lived a party.

The 17 teams registered in the championship were present at the inauguration duly uniformed and accompanied by their respective godmother, paraded around the field to the beat of the music of the moment and received the applause of those attending the event and all the authorities.

The aforementioned tournament, it should be emphasized, was held at the headquarters of the Villa Deportiva del Callao thanks to the valuable work of the sports complex personnel in charge of the chief Margarita Guevara and the FIKIC Federation whose vice president is Zoraima Quintero and the also magister Daniela Silva.

In addition, it had the participation of various authorities such as Congressman Eduardo Salhuana, who is providing great support to the sport, the President of the Peruvian Softball Federation of our country, Maritza Matzuda, and leaders of other sports such as baseball and professional soccer.


The game of Kickingball will take place between two teams, each of them made up of ten players. The object of the game is to score as many runs as possible and to prevent the opposing team from scoring runs. At the end of the game, the team that has scored the most runs wins.

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