Kim Kardashian uploads photo to Instagram and Scott Disick asks about Pete Davidson

Again, the eyes of netizens are on the businesswoman Kim kardashian and the comedian Pete davidson. In this opportunity, Scott Disick, who was a partner of the older sister of the model, referred to the SNL member as a “tripod”, when she commented on Kim’s latest post on Instagram.

“Sweet, sweet fantasy baby,” Kardashian wrote as she posed for a selfie. The photo was taken on the celebrity’s vacation with Davidson, in the Bahamas.

Disick wrote in the comments: “Fuck! Where is the tripod? ”. The followers of the Kardashian clan took his opinion with good humor and began to like it.

On January 5, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were photographed while enjoying a walk in the Bahamas. The paparazzi caught them walking together on the dock where they disembarked.

Although it has not been recorded that they have held hands or shown any loving gesture, they could be seen very close and constantly smiling.

Fans of both were surprised to find that Kim no longer follows Miley on Instagram. Supposedly, the leader of the Kardashian clan was bothered by the ‘flirtatious’ attitude of the artist with Davidson, who is rumored to be her current partner.

Kim was still following Miley until December 10, 2021, when the singer visited Pete’s home. However, everything changed as of January 4.

While it is not known exactly why Kim stopped following the artist, the press points out that this could be because of the recent ‘flirtations’ between her and the comedian during her latest television appearances.

Recall that Cyrus and Davidson starred in the end of the year event of the interpreter of “The climb”. They both previously appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, on the December 9, 2021 special. During that show, Miley hinted that Pete should have dated her instead of Kim.

Miley also dedicated her performance of “It Should Have Been Me” to Pete. “Pete Davidson, this song is for you. When I saw those photos, this is what I touched. It should have been me, ”he sang.

In addition, he adjusted the lyrics of the original song to fit the context: “In that Lamborghini, coming out of that nice restaurant! I want to see a movie in Staten Island, ”referring to Pete’s dates with Kim in New York.