Knife attacks several people shouting “I am the Terminator” and seriously wounds victims [VIDEO]

A tragedy occurred in the department of Santander, Colombia. A man, under the influence of alcohol, attacked and stabbed several people shouting that he was the fictional character Terminator.

The incident was recorded by one of the attacker’s neighbors, who chased several women with a knife in his hand. A witness tried to defend the victims with another knife to try to ward off the attacker.

Neighbors alerted the Police of Santander and they managed to arrest the individual who, with a knife in hand, seriously injured his victims. According to authorities, the man yelled that he was “Terminator” while cruelly attacking a group of women.

It should be noted that this case occurred at the end of December and is part of another 14,000 fights that occurred during the year 2021.

Other tragedies in Colombia

During the last weeks of 2021, in Colombia several incidents were recorded. One of them occurred in Barranquilla, when a citizen, identified as Yefin Jesús Yepes Tapias, was the victim of a shooting after a heated discussion with his neighbors.

The tragedy occurred at 6.55 am on Saturday, January 1. The subject drew a firearm and shot those present who were at the scene. Yepes Tapias was shot in the head and, despite receiving medical attention, died.

Another incident occurred in Montería, a man identified as Lester Pérez Argumedo, 51, was arrested for killing one of his neighbors with the pick of a bottle. Recently, the case of the man who attacked with knife in hand screaming that he was “Terminator” has shocked everyone in Colombia: