Know 5 benefits of facial masks

Within the beauty routine there are products that are essential such as cleansers or sun protection, and others that, although not essential, can help improve the condition of the skin, such as facial masks. The pharmacist Rocío Escalante, owner of Arbosana Farmacia and an expert in dermopharmacy, tells us about its benefits for the skin.

The pharmacist Rocío Escalante, owner of Arbosana Farmacia and an expert in dermopharmacy, points out that “facial masks have multiple benefits for the skin, but also for well-being. Spend 10-15 more minutes caring for the face with a mask and take advantage of that time to relax is a pampering that I advise to put into practice at least once a week “.

The 5 benefits of facial masks

1. They clean in depth. The masks help to deeply cleanse the face, thanks to its detox effect. They absorb impurities and excess oil, clean the pores to achieve a cleaner and therefore radiant skin. They are perfect for oily and combination skin, especially.

2. They hydrate the skin. For dry skin, a hydrating facial mask helps increase hydration and prevent moisture loss, restoring comfort and avoiding the feeling of tightness. They are highly recommended to use at night, any day and especially after a day in the sun.

3. They light up. Masks with an illuminating and anti-aging effect manage to give the face juiciness and that shine that is lost over the years. They are the favorites of mature skin, but also of any skin that shows signs of fatigue, lack of rest or stress.

4. They smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate. Anti-aging masks make the skin look younger and plump, with less visible wrinkles, and signs of fatigue mitigated. Ideal for tired or aged skin.

5. Flash effect. Masks usually have a high concentration of active ingredients, which affects the skin. The effects of many masks are immediate and that is why they are also perfect to prepare the skin before an important event, or whenever the face is dull and tired.

What format to choose?

Facial masks come in various formats and textures: the classic ones are in cream or mud. For a few years, the ones that have been successful have been the veil masks, which are very comfortable, because then they do not have to be removed with water. The essential thing is to always choose a mask suitable for the type of skin and need.

How are facial masks used?

They are always applied to clean and dry skin. Preferably at night, but can also be applied in the morning or at any time. After removing it, you have to continue with the usual ritual: serum, cream, eye contour … You have to be constant to see results and use them at least once a week.

Why shouldn’t you make homemade masks?

What at first is presented as a home treatment can lead to a problem for the skin. Certain ingredients, common in them, can cause irritations. For example, lemon can modify the pH of the skin, which would alter its barrier function. Sensitive skin, with rosacea or acne breakouts, could suffer unwanted irritations if homemade products are applied that do not have any type of control. In addition, since they are products that we have taken out of the refrigerator, they can carry some bacteria that we would be applying on our skin.