Koki Santa Cruz: “The public today prefers the humor of the street comedian” [ENTREVISTA]

What began with four pilots on the air, with a small group of comedians, a year later is the comedy show sensation on YouTube. We are referring to La casa de la comedia, a humorous space that is a seedbed for new talents of street comedians, its producer koki santa cruz, ensures you do not have to envy the spaces of the open signal. His humor is liked by adults and children.

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-“The House of Comedy” will be on the air for one year.
Yes, this month we celebrate one year in Youtube. We started with four drivers, it worked and we decided to go until December of last year. We saw that it grew, we decided to give it another year, today our artists have a contract until December.

-In your cast will continue Danny Rosales and Dayanita.
Of course, we have artists who also work with Jorge Benavides and Chola Chabuca, like Chikiplum, as well as other guys.

-Now everyone is talking about the YouTube comedy show.
As a producer, my first goal was that both comedy shows and show business characters come to know that there is a humorous space on YouTube, half a year ago, producers like Julio Zevallos, Ernesto Pimentel himself, Jorge Benavides, Carlos Álvarez himself, They know that The House of Comedy exists. We have always worked low profile, without much press, I thank The popular who has always been aware of us, I must admit that.

-His parodies in some cases exceed one hundred thousand reproductions in one day. What explanation do you give?
Our success is working without looking at others. We have a cast between experienced and young talents. Among the acquaintances Percy Diestra, Cholo Peter, the young people are eager to learn, I let them be. On social networks Los Chiflados del humor have many followers, Chikiplum has hit a lot, Pepino’s humor is liked by the public, Dayana also contributes. Milechi who lets himself be guided, Samir and Jefry, they are the newest but talented. We are heading to 300,000 subscribers, the goal is to reach a million, from there the ship will walk alone, and they will see us with different eyes.

-The producers of open-signal programs bet on the new talents that work with you.
Yes, so much so that they took Pepino to JB on ATV, now he is a guest, but I know they want to hire the boy. I have told him to wait, it’s not worth running, he should walk first, and he should always be grateful for opportunities.

-You record for the public, why?
Because it is the essence of the street comedian. The popular theater comedian is used to working with the public, the very laughter of the people is contagious, for many having people in the ring you can improvise, make a joke without being vulgar.

-What did you think of the first program of Latina’s “Jirón del humor”?
It is good that spaces are opening up for popular theater comedians, as many know us, and to be the first program from one to 10 I would give it 7, guys are doing television for the first time, Cachay has experience, Chino Risas has maintained for the first time a parody on television, is the head of the group. I am sure that it will improve with the passing of the programs, I hope that it evolves, they also have maestro Rodolfo Carrión with them.

-You think that the public looks for the humor of the comedians of the street in the open signal.
To be honest, the only humor program, the only comedy one, is by Jorge Benavides, now the Jirón of humor. El Reventonazo de la Chola is an entertainment program, where you find humor, musicals, interviews, it’s not basically humor. Also, the mood has changed, if we are going to continue doing what we did before, there is no renewal. The youth of now is different, they are into fast things, on the cell phone, with TikTok, the jokes must be faster, from the moment you enter, people want to laugh. The humor of the street hits, well done, well worked, like a lot.

-Before, in which programs did you participate?
I have been working in comedy for 30 years, I was in Laughter and SauceThen in Rare Taxi Driver together with Adolfo Chuiman, the unbeatable along with Chino Risas, Cirilo, Petete and Jofre, that program came out before Las movidas de los sábados in Panamericana. I did circus, in the theater I worked with Raúl Beryón, Felpudini, Christian Ysla. I am old school, disciplined and above all punctual when it comes to work.

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