Korina confirms the breakup of Cachaza and Rafael Cardozo: There was no infidelity

The move of Cachaça, After leaving the house he shared with Rafael Cardozo, he fueled the rumors about the couple’s breakup. In that context, Korina Rivadeneira finished confirming this unfortunate separation.

During a conversation with “You are in all”, the Venezuelan model and actress expressed her sadness at the end of this relationship that lasted 12 years.

Korina regretted that her friend Carol Reali and Rafael Cardozo have decided to separate after 12 years of romance and with a commitment in between. As you remember, the reality boy asked Cachaza to marry him in the new year.

“Yes, I am very sorry, really, for them, because I thought they were going to get married, they already had a ring and out of nowhere they break up” mentioned.

He also mentioned that this breakup was on good terms: “That’s nice, when the relationship ends well and does not end with infidelity or because something has happened, but everything is fine.”

A few days ago, Cachaza was consulted about the alleged separation with Rafael Cardozo, however, he avoided giving details and assured that soon the two would tell their followers something.

“I don’t want to talk about it, better ask him, it’s easy because of the program, a lot of things are happening to him (…) What happened in ‘This is war’ was superfluous, it’s a private issue between the two, which We are going to talk at the right time, I only ask for a little respect, but we will talk about it soon. We are going to tell them something, of course, they have been in a relationship for many years, we want a little space to solve it and calmly tell them whatever it is“, said.