Korina made a party for Mario Hart with a pure exchange and he defends her: “They are fixes”

The model Korina Rivadeneira decided to surprise her sentimental partner Mario Hart with a great celebration for his 36th birthday, where various figures from the small screen were present. However, detail did not go unnoticed.

In the last edition of send who sendsthe former reality boy came to the set to tell him how he celebrated his name day, but he did not imagine that they would expose that his party was held with an exchange.

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Through a note, all the details of Mario Hart’s celebration were known and it was possible to appreciate the moment in which Korina Rivadeneira thanks each brand.

“Yes, the chelas were exchanged and it seems that the cake was also and the decorated table. Also the meats for the diner, he even thought about the exchange to vape. […] No one can complain because they passed the refurinfuflay. […] What thing? Even cleaning is exchange,” said the voice-over.

For his part, the singer Mario Hart He sent everything against the reporter with the note and in front of the cameras of the program he affirmed that he did pay for some things.

“They are fixings. What should matter is that we had a good time, that I had a nice day with my family, with my friends,” he said and clarified that how much he spent on his birthday: “A little bit because it saves.”

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What message did his two sons dedicate to Mario Hart?

the exchico reality Mario Hart’se was extremely excited to receive a special birthday greeting from his two small children through social networks.

“Happy birthday to the funniest and most loving daddy of all. We love you @mariohart. Thank you for existing, may you always be in good health and be very happy,” the message read.

He also received a message from Korina Rivadeneira. “Enjoy this special day, we will be with you forever,” said the Venezuelan actress.