Korina plays a bad joke on Mario Hart, and Alessia Rovegno is hurt [VIDEO]

“Life is better to live spicy”, that would be one of the mottos of the Venezuelan model Korina Rivadeneira, who played a practical joke on her husband Mario Hart, but there was an additional victim.

“I’m not happy to do bad things to him, I love itaaaaaaa,” dictated the description of the video that the actress also wrote and in which you can clearly see the ‘little game’ in which he made the car driver fall.

It was via his official account Instagram that the Venezuelan posted the images that would demonstrate the level of confidence and leash that they would have as a couple after playing a strong prank on Mario Hart, but the worst of all was that there was another victim, nothing more and nothing less than Alessia Rovegno.

“Ayyyyyy!”, Was the desperate cry made by the girlfriend of Hugo Garcia upon seeing an insect on the head of the husband of Korina rivadeneira, and solio managed to calm down after realizing that it was a joke for ‘Chato’.

Korina Rivadeneira teaches her daughter a lesson and teaches her not to depend: “You can alone”

Korina rivadeneira He surprised his thousands of followers by giving a small and tender life lesson to his daughter with Mario Hart, here we tell you what it was about.

“No, no, no, you can stand alone, you can stand alone my love. Come on, you can stand alone. Up, up!”, One hears in the Instagram stories Korina Rivadeneira encourage her daughter with a tender voice, who at the insistence she does her best to get up on her own. Although it was not possible to see if it did or not, this moment would remain as a teaching of self-confidence.