Korina Rivadeneira celebrated her birthday with several reality guys [VIDEO]

Former reality girl Korina Rivadeneira was happy to celebrate her 30th birthday in advance, despite the legal problems following the annulment of her marriage.

As it is recalled, the member of the reality show This is War is in the public eye after being granted that they declared her marriage null and void with Mario Hart. However, he has decided to ignore the large amount of criticism he has received from his detractors.

For this reason, Korina Rivadeneira did not hesitate to celebrate her 30th birthday last Saturday, November 20, together with several of her colleagues from the América Televisión competition program. She even made the decision to share the party with her best friend Geral, who is also close to her birthday.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan model and her partner Mario Hart went through some harrowing days after their daughter Lara fell seriously ill. Both parents even considered that it was a case of COVID-19, therefore, they took a discard test.

I tell you that my baby is a little sick, he has had a fever since last night we have been there controlling it, but one of the options is that she has COVID-19, so we did her antigen test, “said the car owner on his social networks.

Korina could go to prison for 5 years after annulment of her marriage to Mario

Night falls to the Venezuelan. According to the statements of the former legal advisor of the Municipality of Huaral, José Ramos, the model Korina Rivadeneira would face five years in prison for the crimes of generic falsehood and procedural fraud after the annulment of her marriage with Mario Hart.

After the time that supposedly these two years were to have Peruvian nationality, it will start from scratch, having a daughter who is Peruvian will surely help her, but how. So we are going to talk to those who know, “he said at first. Rodrigo gonzalez in your program.

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira worried about their baby’s fever

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira shared with their followers their concern for their daughter after having a fever and they thought it was COVID-19.

“I tell you that my baby is a little sick, He had a fever since last night we have been there controlling it, but one of the options is that he has COVID-19, so she did her antigen test, “revealed Mario Hart.

Mario Hart assures that Korina Rivadeneira will not go to effective prison

Mario Hart pointed out that it is false that Korina Rivadeneira can go to prison for 5 years.

“All these hypotheses that are being generated, that the cases would be reopened, is totally false. It is false. It is coming from uninformed people. All the cases that were opened to us have been archived,” he said.

Korina Rivadeneira reveals that she will ask Mario Hart’s hand

Venezuelan model Korina Rivadeneira was willing to ask Mario Hart for his hand.

“We had waited so long for a resolution to be given and it finally came out. I was the first to see it, the message got to me. We said ‘this torture is finally over’ because it’s torture, like a karma. The best thing was that it ends, whether it is positive or negative. We feel incredible, in fact, we are celebrating, “he said.

Mario Hart and Korina assure they will remarry: “With our daughter carrying the flowers”

No problems are made. Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart will marry again after marriage annulment and they assure that this time it will be great.

Now we have a bigger party, with our baby carrying the flowers, and we will also invite you to our new marriage “, confessed the car driver.

Seer Yanely assures that Mario and Korina were married to avoid deportation: “Out of desperation”

The renowned seer Yanely revealed through the letters the reasons why Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira got married, and made it clear that they both love each other, but they would have to go through some difficulties.

” At the time because of her despair if they married so that she would not be deported, but it was because of the envy and evil of people with power they had problems with their Mario Hart dad at that time, “he revealed.