Korina Rivadeneira reveals how Rafael Cardozo and Cachaza ended: It was not infidelity [VIDEO]

No hard feelings? The model Korina Rivadeneira spoke of the alleged break between her friends Rafael Cardozo and Carol Reali ‘Cachaza’. This after showing images of the Brazilian taking her things from the apartment that she shared with the former reality boy.

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“Yes, I’m very sorry, really, for them because I thought they were going to get married, I already had a ring, everything and out of nowhere they break up,” said the couple from Mario Hart.

In addition, the Venezuelan actress confirmed, in ‘Estas en todos’, that the separation was not abrupt and they broke up on good terms. “That’s nice, when the relationship ends well and it doesn’t end with infidelity or because something has happened, but everything is fine.”

Raphael Cardozo Y Carol Reali they had been together for almost 12 years. Now, after the signs that would indicate that they would no longer be together, both figures have not spoken about it and have been seen leading a normal life.

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Why don’t Cachaza and Cardozo talk about it?

According to the Brazilian, this would be “a sensitive issue” and told the media that she still does not want to talk about her alleged breakup with Rafael Cardozo. However, she explained that later she will manifest and give more details.

Secondly, Raphael Cardozoafter his departure from ‘This is war’he has been seen in images being projected in a country house in Huaralwhich he would have shared with Carol Reali.