Korina Rivadeneira: What role did she play in Al Fondo Hay Sitio?

At the bottom there is a site confirmed that it will have a new season this year, which will arrive with most of its original cast, leaving all fans wanting to know more about this new installment. The program was broadcast by America Television having 8 uninterrupted seasons and destroying the rating in each end of the seasons. The protagonists of the national series Al fondo hay lugar were The Gonzales and Maldini families.

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The production of Efrain Aguilar, was the most successful Peruvian television series in recent years, which is why its return has brought joy to its thousands of fans, who eagerly await the premiere of the new season. That’s why today The popular we tell you more about the role he got Korina Rivadeneira in At the Bottom There is Room.

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What role did Korina Rivadeneira have in Al Fondo Hay Sitio?

Korina Rivadeneira came to In the background there is roomto interpret Abigail Chavez, who was a friend of Nicolás, whom he met when he went to Hawaii during the third season. The appearance of Abigail Chavez It was for the fourth season, where he arrives at Lomas to be the bone of contention between Nicholas and Grace’s relationship.

The role played by the former reality girl came to test the relationship between Nicolás and Grace, being so Abigail she stayed at the Maldini’s house, but when Charito’s daughter found out that her boyfriend had kissed her friend, she decided to end the relationship, this gave rise to Korina Rivadeneira and Andrés Wiese began a relationship in fiction.

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Korina Rivadeneira thus remembered the kiss with Nicolás

It was in 2016 when Korina Rivadeneira recalled the kiss that his character had with Nicolás de las Casas during a Hawaiian party at the Maldini residence in the fourth installment of “There is room in the background“.

Rivadeneira He assured that this kiss has been marked in the memory of the viewers of the series. “Everyone remembers it, it was difficult because it was my first fictional kiss,” commented the actress after noting that Andrés Wiese was a great support for her during her time at “There is room in the background“. “He helped me a lot,” he said.

Finally, Korina In dialogue with “You are in all” he confided that he would have liked his role to be extended for some more time. “It was nice to act, I have been wanting to continue acting in ‘In the background there is room‘” he narrowed down.