Kourtney Kardashian surprises with her body full of tattoos with Travis Barker

Kourtney kardashian maintains a stable romantic relationship with Travis Baker. The courtship of the Kardashian sisters has generated all kinds of news and not precisely because of how well she gets along with the drummer, but because of the different transformations that the influencer has undergone. Now, after several months, he surprised with many tattoos all over his body.

The businesswoman left aside the looks to which her followers were accustomed, went to ripped pants, black tank tops, rock’n’roll motifs, accessories with studs and, as a characteristic, many tattoos. At first glance, he does not have room on his arm for more ink and, even, on his chest he is portrayed a butterfly accompanied by flowers.

Since they began their relationship, Kim Kardashian’s sister and the musician have been seen on several occasions wearing outfits with leather biker jackets. In the latest photograph published by Baker, you can see the American looking according to her partner with tattoos of snakes on her forearms, hands in a prayerful attitude, swallows and other portraits captured on her skin.

It is not the musician’s first tattoo, the member of Blik-182 portrayed an image of Kardashian’s lips on his arm with which he hid the name of his ex-wife made by Scott Campbell. Travis shared several photos through his Instagram account. “It’s Scorpio season,” he wrote. The images show a large scorpion and the businesswoman’s lips.

On Halloween, Kourtney Kardashian hosted a spooky and magnificent Halloween soiree. His house was full of skulls and giants, pointy hats, different sized pumpkins, spider webs, and candles to light the night. The date was celebrated with his partner, Travis Barker. “Happy Halloween Eve,” wrote the older Kardashian.