Kunno reveals she suffered sexual abuse before achieving success on TikTok

Kunno He recalled a painful episode he experienced before reaching fame on TikTok. The influencer was a guest on the program Escorpión Dorado, where he revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse and bullying in the past.

The tiktoker explained that he had this ordeal when he lived in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico.

“Then they took advantage of me. I went through an abuse, that’s why I had to defend myself, “said the influencer. The Golden Scorpion wanted to specify what kind of abuse he was talking about: “Sexual abuse”, detailed.

The famous content creator said he suffered this attack when he was hired to liven up the nights or be a host at a disco.

At one of these parties, I went overboard (excess liquor) and was half unconscious, and that’s how they took advantage. Well, I was not unconscious, but I was conscious, but I had no movement in my body, I had no way to defend myself, “he said, and mentioned that being in that state he was unable to identify his attacker.

As a result, he mentioned that his friends taught him to defend himself: “I was strong. Right now I’m afraid of fighting there (in Monterrey) he used to release some ”, he commented. “I was Guillermo, it was not Kunno”, added.

Tiktoker Kunno said he didn’t need to talk about his sexual preferences because his mother always knew about it.

It’s that I never came out because my mom always supported me. I never had to tell him. She knew that since I was little I was a fairy ”, she said.

“At 13 was when I said: ‘Okay, I know the terms, so I’m a homosexual person,'” he said.