Kurt Villavicencio on Magaly in a bikini: “If you cover her face, she looks like a 20-year-old woman”

They were not expecting it. In the last edition of Mujeres al Mando, the drivers had to rate the celebrity characters in his best bathing suits, because we are already in the summer 2022.

Karla Tarazona, Kurt villavicencio, Thais Casalino Y Chris Soifer they were sent with everything when they saw the characters of the fchollywood arandula who are now vacationing in different parts of Peru and the world.

When turning to the character of Magaly Medina, everyone was somewhat disappointed, because they believed that the television hostn had much more to do with it and that her choice of swimsuits was not the best fit for her.

Given this, by Kurt Villavicencio he sent everything and said the following: “If you cover her face, she looks like a 20-year-old woman”, highlighting how well cared for was the popular ‘Urraca’.

For his part Chris Soifer He argued that despite having money, the tastes of each character is what stands out in their way of dressing, so it would not save them from being ‘huachafos’.

Beauty consultant affirms that Magaly Medina is the worst dressed on TV: “Red went out of style”

Among all the characters, the personality of Magaly medina She stood out, since the adviser Nicole Akari had no mercy against her and ranted her way of dressing.

According to the specialist, Magaly medina she would be opting for a look that would have gone out of fashion a long time ago, not counting her hair style and the color she has been giving her for many years.

Apparently, this reddish and orange hue would have gone out of fashion for a long time, which would give it a touch of ‘vedette’, this according to what the specialist said.