La Pánfila and more artists who suffered terrible accidents in El Gran Show [VIDEOS]

On the dance floor of “El Gran Show” anything can happen, not only because of the controversial comments that the participants can make, but also because of the spectacular falls who suffered, as was the case of La Pánfila, Delly Madrid, among others. We show you who suffered a unfortunate accident.

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The popular Panfila, played by Maria Victoria Santanasuffered a terrible accident during practices for his presentation on the dance floor of “The big show”. She was thrown by her dancer into the air, but unfortunately she couldn’t receive her in her arms as she fell directly to the floor.

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Monique Brown

The indisputable icon of Peruvian entertainment, Monique Brownalso suffered a terrible accident in the program “The Artist of the Year”conducted by Gisela Valcarcel. She went to support one of the contestants and in the middle of the show, the popular “Caramelo” took a wrong step that made her end up on the floor.

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Delly Madrid

One of the most remembered accidents. The model Delly Madrid she had to be quickly helped by the paramedics after falling from some sticks that were part of the scenery, all this in the middle of the program LIVE of “The big show”while striving to captivate the public to earn the two points.

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Maricielo Effio

A fatal accident. Nobody expects the actress Maricielo Effio decompensated after doing a pirouette and fell slowly to the floor, unable to get up and making gestures of pain with his hands. Gisela Valcarcel He had to send the court immediately so that they can give him help accordingly.

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Although his was a premeditated action, the action carried out by the popular Zumba During her presentation as a sailor, she caused an accident that worried everyone present. “The big show” and forced the driver Gisela Valcarcel asked that he not be awarded the grade for his dance.