La Pánfila breaks down LIVE when denouncing alleged aggression by its neighbors [VIDEO]

He’s not having a good time! the popular actress Maria Victoria SantanaThe one better known as her character from La Pánfila decided to connect through a LIVE link with Say it loud to make a strong complaint against her neighbors, who would have carried out an act of aggression against her.

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This Wednesday, September 28, in the last edition of the program of Pan American Television The public figure was seen to be quite affected by the conflict he has with his current neighbors. This time, it was because the influencer decided to do a “good deed” that made many uncomfortable.

According to María Victoria Santana, she decided to buy and place a garbage basket in the middle of the public thoroughfare so that there would not be so much watered waste, but she would not have had a municipal permit yet. In this regard, her neighbors acted violently and withdrew in a bin.

Even the well-known character of Panfila He stated that he reported two of his neighbors to a police station for allegedly having reacted inadequately to their minors.

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La Pánfila and Giselo face each other for Queens of the Show: “I prefer to be ‘patera’ than ungrateful”

In the latest edition of America Today There was a tense moment when his collaborators, La Pánfila and Edson Dávila, starred in a crossroads in which there was no shortage of qualifiers such as “patera” and “ungrateful”. “La Panfila” was uncomfortable and explained why it is she who now works hand in hand with Gisela Valcárcel and not Edson Dávila.

“The boss already wants to get up”, “I saw him a bit even with Gisela. Instead, we have things in common. We are successful, enterprising, looking for a love of our level”, Panfi began by saying. María Victoria Santana’s response was immediate: “It is better to be a ‘patera’ than ungrateful,” said María Victoria Santana.