La Voz Perú: Users angry about the victory of a member of Group 5: “Shame”

Last Saturday, March 18, the final of the Latina contest program, La Voz Perú 2023, was held, in which, after the live concert, the winner of the season was given. It was then that Luis Manuel Valdiviezor the team Mauricio Mesones He was crowned the absolute winner after presenting the popular song “Te vas”, the same song with which he auditioned.

“For my dear Pacasmayo and for all my family… I love you. This is for you, for everyone. Peru who voted for me, thank you, this is the beginning of everything”, he expressed very excited. For his part, his coach Mauricio Mesones He gave him the confidence and sent him one last message. “Luis Manuel deserves it, tropical music deserves it, Peru deserves it,” he said.

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After beating his talented peers like Lucero López, Lucy Young and Asmir Young, Luis Manuel won the grand prize, a contract with Universal Music. Meanwhile, he thanked the support of his followers and viewers who voted for him at the last gala of the final season of the singing contest.

Despite these celebrations on cameras, criticism and questions against the final results did not wait on social networks. “I saw myself all season of The Voice Peru so that in the end one of Group 5 wins? (…) Next time, do a good final and don’t do bullshit like yesterday”. “Really a shame. The favoritism was evident by Luis Manuel.” point out users in Twitterthe same is also seen in TikTok: “Jos was going to win, but the coach wanted Luis Manuel to win. Everything remains between friends, what a disappointment. Thanks to Group 5”, “Arranged, the winner was asmir”, among others.

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