Lady Guillén full of praise for Bill Orosco, heir to Johnny Orosco: “Humility is felt” [VIDEO]

In the latest edition of Say it loud a special moment was experienced with the arrival on the set of the young singer Bill Orosco, who is in the public eye after learning that he is the nephew of remembered artist Johnny Orosco. This time, the driver Lady Guillén filled him with praise for his talent and humility.

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“I am very grateful to the public for the affection they are giving me, for the support they are giving me. It is something new for me, but always calmly and always thank the public because what I have learned is that we artists owe it to them Bill said. orosco pretty excited.

Then, the driver Lady Guillén was surprised by the words of Bill Orosco which has received good feedback from users. “What a good message and good reflection you have given, that fame always has to be taken calmly and maturely,” she said at the beginning.

“You are a 21-year-old boy and let me tell you that you are nice” “I feel that this interview is going to remain in the archive for the day that you are much more famous because not only am I appearing in singing but also in your humility,” he added.

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Bill Orosco, nephew of Johnny Orosco: “Music is in my blood”

He makes his own name. when one listens Johnny Orosco and Grupo NectarDeyvis Orosco immediately comes to mind. However, the family is full of artists, and now it is Bill Orosco who has been giving the time after going viral on social networks for a striking “cover” that caused a sensation.

I think the theme of music is in the blood, from a very young age I sang just for myself, and this comes from November of last year when I was with my cousin, Cristian Orosco. He listened to me and gave me the opportunity to go out and sing on stage with an audience in front of me, that’s how all this came about.