Lady Guillén sympathizes with Deysi Araujo after threats: “If I have the extortionist in charge, I am disgraced”

The dancer Deysi Araujo is going through the most difficult moment of her life and that is that they are extorting her for 50 thousand soles. The threats nor they cease for which she has not only had to file a complaint with the police, but also with the media in order for them to stop intimidating her and her family.

The program Say it loud, conducted by Lady Guillen, He also interviewed her and wanted to know what measures she is taking to not give in to this situation. The rather dismayed ‘redhead’ pointed out that they ask her for an exorbitant sum of money, which she does not have.

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“I don’t have money, people ask me for money and I don’t have to pay. Everyone in my house is scared. My mom is an elderly person, it doesn’t seem fair to me. I don’t have a job to pay that amount of money “, held.

Likewise, he said that he fears for the integrity of his relatives and for his only son, who has had to be in safe custody.

How far will we go. We can’t go out, we can’t lead a normal life. My son is already in custody… It’s not fair to go through this situation, it’s not fair to live in prison in your own house, it’s not fair to live in fear, and if you don’t have money, where are you going to pay? If you don’t have money, they kill you,” he added.

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Lady Guillén pointed out that she would face extortionists if they want to harm her son

Lady Guillén understood the situation that Deysi Araujo is going through and the fear she feels that they mess with her son. Thus, she indicated that in her case she would face the criminals for defending her daughter.

“As much as he is an artist, he is a person like any other person you are looking at and who is going through this type of extortion and who is being threatened like any other businessman,” he said.

“When our children are touched, it is the part that can make us the most angry… I put myself in your shoes and so many things go through my head and that, surely, if I have the extortionist in front of me, I am disgraced, I don’t know, because for my daughter I do everything and surely you too,” he said.