Lapadula and the possibility of retiring in League 1: “I do not close anything in my life, anything can happen”

Gianluca Lapadula, Italo-Peruvian player who won with his charisma and played the affection of the national fans. The 31-year-old forward in an interview with Gol Peru He did not keep anything, he spoke of his work in his parents’ flower shop, his first salary, his love for Peru, he declared that he was not a fan of any national team and did not rule out playing in Peruvian soccer at the end of his career.

– Is it possible that Gianluca will ever play in League 1?

– I do not close anything in my life, anything can happen. The most important thing is my family and what can happen I don’t know.

-Is there a special feeling from your or family for a team in Peru?
– I’m really not a fan of any team. I know some teams from Peru and I am a fan of the national team.

Worked in flower shop

-Is it true that one of your first jobs was working in a flower shop?
– When we were little, me and my brothers, we helped my parents in their flower shop.
-What does your work consist of?
– To change water to the flowers and clean the floor. I was trying to do my best.
– Was it a difficult time to work with your parents, study and play soccer?
– Really everything was a game for me, but my parents helped me in everything. They told me that they had to study and train.
-What was a student like?
– I was not the best in the class, but I loved playing soccer more (ha ha ha).
– Did you have in the Juventus minors at that time who you admired or wanted to be?
– What Alessandro del Piero did on and off the field.
-Do you remember what you did with your first salary as a player?
– I bought an orange car
– The development of your career was complicated in the beginning. Did it happen in a moment to leave football?
-No, it never crossed my mind to have such a thought. Without thinking about anything, it was important to believe in myself.
-And in that belief, do you think Peru will be in Qatar?
– With all my heart I will believe until the end that we will be in Qatar.
– Don’t you see it as impossible?
– To be something very important in history, you have to work a lot, nobody is going to give us anything, you have to place until the end and endure in each field.
-How do you envision what will happen between now and March?
– March is very far, we go game by game.
-You had a life in Italy. How much did representing Peru change you?
– I started to be very far from my family, but it is something that helped me grow in every aspect.
-In Italy (Milan) you have had the opportunity to play with great players. What memories do you have?
– With Gigi (Gianluigi Donnadunna) for me he is the goalkeeper of the world, and I wish him the most. And in the Italian team with Buffon and Bonucci it was something important that stays with me.

Nothing changes

– In family privacy, is it the same Gianluca that we see on the playing field?
-I and my wife complement each other, we try to be patient, we must also explain to the girls that something cannot be said or not done. I can tell you that among my brothers I am the craziest.
– Because crazy?
– My little brother and my older brother took care of me from my antics, good or bad.
-What’s the mischief you remember?
– Playing in the street where my sister, who was the youngest, took care of us and was like the second mother.
-Are you a romantic person, do you show it in your performances at the piano and did you also ask your wife for her hand in a stadium?
– I love music in any form, be it classical, rock, ballads (he likes Eros Ramacciotti) and Peruvian music. The passion for the piano was born with my parents and it is true I made the proposal to my wife in a stadium and now you remember that he was the most crazy of the brothers (ha ha ha ..)
Is the proposal of the hand the greatest madness you have done for love?
– (laughs …) I can make one more for her, I think.

He is sorry

-Do you regret not choosing Peru before 2020?
– I do not regret anything, the only thing I regret is not having known before is having known Peru before. I would have loved to come to Peru when I was 15 years old, the second time when I was 17 years old and once again when I was 20 years old and I would have loved that.
– Of what you have known in Peru. What did you like the most?
– I love the food, my teammates and all the affection of the bicolor people, because many people work outside the field.
-You already adapt to the Peruvian terms. Do you know what avocado is?
-What is avocado? no
-Languages ​​tremendous chongo, cause, I’m auj and que roche
-Yes as a joke as a joke, while it is brother, and I am needle without money and what a shame.
– The atmosphere of the team’s dressing room will not be compared to what you live with your teams in Italy.
– No, in Italy there is also a party in the changing rooms, but in the national team it is something very fun.
-Who is the funniest of the team?
– Almost everyone, I can say any name and it falls short.
-Who do you share a room with in concentrations or trips?
– Not everyone has their own room.
– They call you the bambino and how do you say Carrillo and Cueva?
– To Carrillo, snake and Cueva ‘Cholito’, through Instagram we are always in contact.
– These two players are criticized for the league they play, what do you think?
– If they have chosen to play in Arabia, they have their own reason.