Laura Bozzo and the time they wanted to SEE HER PRESA in Mexico and Peruvians PRAYED that they also do it with Beto Ortiz

After the Mexican authorities announced that Laura Bozzo was going to be arrested in Mexico for allegedly selling a property seized by the SAT, having 48 hours to turn herself in. Despite the fact that this Friday it was learned that she did not do it, users asked that the same thing be done with the journalist Beto Ortiz.

And it is that the news hit him like a ‘bucket of cold water’, because the Peruvian presentergained much fame in Aztec landswhere he stayed for many years.

The news also shocked hundreds of his followers in social networks where some were saddened by what happened while others used Twitter to make a peculiar request.

It was, in the aforementioned social network that hundreds of users “thanked the Mexican people” for what had happened and now asked that the same be done with Beto Ortiz.

how do you remember beto ortiz follow on Mexico where did he go after Pedro Castillo has been proclaimed Republic Presidentdespite the fact that he said that his trip was on vacation.

Laura Bozzo: Where is she and what is known about her?

Despite the aforementioned, little is known about the whereabouts of the popular driver known for her phrase “¡¡what happens to the wretch!’, because she is very active in networks, however, she has not been active for four days.

As shown in the images, dozens of netizens show their support, while others punish her for the alleged crime, which has not been confirmed so far.

Tatiana Astengo supports a possible investigation against Beto Ortiz and Willax: “For attacking public health”

The national actress Tatiana Astengo is one of the most active figures on her social platforms, and despite the fact that she has stopped commenting directly on politics, she has retweeted a large number of messages, including one that called for the prosecution of Beto Ortiz, Willax Televisión and Ernesto Bustamante for allegedly “attacking public health.”

Through her social networks, the Peruvian interpreter demonstrated her position regarding the interview that the journalist did on her program with the member of Fuerza Popular, who made conjectures regarding the efficacy of the Sinopharm vaccine. “Ernesto Bustamante, beto ortiz and Willax TV should be prosecuted for violating the public health of the country,” dictated the post that Tatiana Astengo shared on her Twitter.

What does Cristian Zuárez say about the arrest warrant for Laura Bozzo?

Despite the legal problems they have had since their breakup, the Argentine Cristian Zuárez did not hesitate to show solidarity with his ex-partner, as he assured that the measure that the Mexican authorities took against him is “unfair”.

Likewise, he regretted that many say that his ex-partner is in hiding to be able to flee. “I don’t think she’s a runaway person. I believe that she will show her face when the time comes and she will be able to clarify all these things, ”she specified.

What charges are awarded to Laura Bozzo?

It should be remembered that various Mexican media reported on a preventive detention order against Laura Bozzo for the alleged crime of tax fraud, and surprised more than one.

Cristian Zuárez’s ex-partner is accused of improperly selling a property that was seized by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT). For this fact, it was ordered that she be sent to the Santiaguito prison in Almoloya de Juárez, located in the State of Mexico.

Laura Bozzo asks to suspend preventive detention for having a lung disease

The controversial television presenter Laura Bozzo He is living an extremely complicated moment in his life after a Mexican judge ordered him to be in pretrial detention for the alleged tax offense for owing a large sum of money to the Tax Administration Service.

Let’s remember that the “lawyer for the poor” was given a period of 48 hours to make herself available to the authorities, which expired at 5 pm today, Friday August 13, the Peruvian decided to request an amparo that suspend the remand order.

The “E-consulta” web portal assured that Laura Bozo processed an amparo to avoid preventive detention, which she would have to serve in the Santiaguito Prison, located in the State of Mexico. According to the outlet, the Peruvian claimed that she was sick with pulmonary emphysema.

Tatiana Astengo supports a possible investigation against Beto Ortiz and Willax: “For attacking public health”

Peruvian actress Tatiana Astengo retweeted a post calling for the prosecution of Beto Ortiz, Willax Televisión and Ernesto Bustamante for an alleged anti-vaccination campaign by sinopharm.

“Ernesto Bustamante, Beto Ortiz and Willax TV should be prosecuted for violating the country’s public health. How much damage. How many Peruvians will die in the imminent third wave,” dictated the post that the actress shared.