Laura Bozzo reveals she suffered from cancer: “I have a treatment, in a prison it did not last 2 days” [VIDEO]

Jura was not hidden from the law. The Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo reappeared for the first time before television cameras to tell unpublished details of her life after being involved in an investigation for alleged tax evasion in Mexico, and ended up confessing that he refused to go to preventive prison because he is in treatment after his fight against cancer.

Before the cameras of the Magaly Medina program and in an interview with the journalist, the popular ‘advocate for the poor’ term revealing that she suffered from breast cancer, and therefore the fact of going to jail even for 2 days, this could have cost her life.

“It’s not that I was a fugitive, I had health problems, I have depression problems, I have had breast cancer, I have cancer treatment … I did not last two days in a prison, and it is not that I fear people, it is for my health … Besides, it was not legal“revealed the TV presenter.

At another moment and shortly after finishing the exclusive interview he gave for the show Magaly TV the firm, the ‘Miss Laura’ She was very excited to announce that she would become a grandmother very soon, as her eldest daughter, who married while she was missing, will become a mother.

On top of that, I’m going to be a grandmother, I’m going to be a grandmother Magaly … The oldest, who got married when she was locked up, she also had a bad time. Thanks to Callao, chalaca forever “, revealed Laura Bozzo.

Laura Bozzo reappears and reveals that she no longer has an arrest warrant: “Stronger than ever”

The television host Laura Bozzo no longer has an arrest warrant in Mexico and explained via her social networks why she no longer has an arrest warrant against her.

First of all tell you that I have missed you with all my soul, I have gone through moments as painful as you can not imagine, but thank God today the resolution of definitive suspension of my arrest warrant has been issued after having complied with the requirements imposed by the judge … You are the reason for my life, here I am stronger than ever ” , expressed in the first part of his emotional message.