Laura Bozzo: “The year 2021 was a nightmare for me, but it was also one of learning”

2021 was an unpleasant year for Laura bozzo that he remained in hiding for several months due to the complaint of tax fraud that was imposed against him. The driver was accused of illegally selling a property that was seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) valued at several million pesos.

Luckily for the Peruvian lawyer, the arrest warrant that weighed against her was dismissed at the end of November 2021, so she will continue her process in total freedom. However, the presenter will not be able to easily forget this last year for all that she experienced.

With her freedom assured, Laura Bozzo returned to Mexico City, where she was approached by the press of that country. The host said that the year she left will be one of the worst of her life, but that it also left her great lessons.

“The year 2021 was a nightmare for me, but it was also a year of learning, because I believe that people have to know that when these things happen to you it is for something and God wants you to learn the lesson,” he said for Univisión.

Another of the most striking phrases that Laura Bozzo left on her arrival in Mexico City was about a personal reflection. The so-called ‘lawyer for the poor’ indicated that she always had people around who deceived her, but that she was not able to realize it.

“I have been an immature person and I have never worried about my future. I have always wasted what I have earned. I have always had people around me who have cheated and deceived me … but it is my responsibility because I should have been on top of that, “he added.