Lawyer for Rosa Fuentes on Paolo Hurtado’s family: “It is very sad and unfortunate”

Rosa Fuentes’ lawyer, Claudia Zumaetawas in the program “Magaly Tv The Firm” to talk about the legal details that he is going to take against Paolo Hurtado. However, he did not hesitate to show his total indignation with the family of the soccer playerwho were sharing with Jossmery Toledo as if nothing had happened and forgetting about their grandchildren.

defense of Rosa Fuentes He commented that his divorce with Paolo Hurtado is already in process to be separated once and for all, but he also asked the athlete to answer his calls to be able to reconcile and above all, he can give him what is necessary for his minor children.

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It was at that moment that Magaly Medina decided to ask the doctor Claudia Zumaeta about the family of the acquaintance “Horse” Hurtadowho would have completely ignored the athlete’s infidelity and did not hesitate to go out with Jossmery Toledo and see how she kissed with the soccer player.

“Dr. Zumaeta, what also amazes me that Paolo Hurtado count on the complicity of his family, his father, sisters, brother-in-law, nephews, all, with Jossmery over the weekend”, said the famous Urraca.

“It’s really painful, but what can I tell you Magaly, the moral character of each human being, the values ​​of each family, you know that they are from home and at this point we can only judge, look and give our opinion”, it was Claudia Zumaeta’s response.

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Rosa Fuentes’ lawyer outraged with Paolo Hurtado’s family

Claudia Zumaeta did not hesitate to show his total disgust with the family of Paolo Hurtado for having shared an intimate moment with Jossmery ToledoKnowing the current situation of the soccer player’s wife Rosa Fuentes.

“It is not only a stab for a woman that your still husband cheats on her, and that he cheats on her again in public, that you are the mockery even though you are a strong and empowered woman. The good thing about Rosa is that she is an empowered woman , is financially independent and does not depend on a man, but for the family to do this to you is very sad and unfortunate, especially since there are minors involved,” she said quite indignantly.