League 1: FBC Melgar today receives Ayacucho FC in Arequipa

An almost ruled out game will be the one that FBC Melgar will face today against Ayacucho FC in Arequipa. The duel is played from 7 pm at the Unsa stadium and both teams are forced to win due to their complicated scenario. On the one hand, Melgar in his fight for the national title, on the other, the Ayacuchanos who want to get away from the relegation and promotion positions.

In the case of Melgar, his first goal is to keep up with the Clausura leader Sporting Cristal, who already has 5 points ahead of him. The red and black fans still hope to win this tournament, to be national champions without playing the play-offs, a complicated task due to the distance that the brewer took from them. The other option is to continue in the first two places of the accumulated, to qualify directly for the final for the national title, without going through the semifinals.

While Ayacucho is in 17th place in the aggregate, that is, it would have to revalidate its category. In the middle of the week they fell as locals against Sporting Cristal in discounts.

For tonight, the red and black coach Pablo Lavallén will be able to dispose of the entire squad, since he has not been suspended. The only novelty regarding the team that tied against ADT in Tarma would be the inclusion of Bordacahar from the start, which denotes an offensive team from the first minute.

The Domino enabled all the stands of the Unsa except north. The prices are for a seat at 90 soles, west at 40 soles, east at 25 soles and south at 12 soles. As for the locations for children, the west costs 18 soles, the east 12 and the south 7.