Leanddro Nares breaks it on digital platforms with “Mundo Frío”

The renowned Dominican singer Leandro Nares is already in our capital to present his most recent success called “Cold world”a theme that is part of the album “Huellas” and that has already been playing hard in the various digital platforms.

The Caribbean interpreter has been on Peruvian soil since March 15 and will stay until March 30, thanks to Best Productionto promote his new musical hit on various television and radio programs, to the delight of his thousands of followers who have been waiting for his arrival for a long time.

“The truth is I feel excited to come to Peru and present my music, I knew that people had been waiting for my arrival for a long time and I dreamed that that day would come. I come with the best of my repertoire and with my new hit ‘Mundo Frío’, which has been playing on all radio stations and music platforms. We are going to be in Lima, Huaral and Huánuco, we are also going to record a video clip and a concert here, ”said the musician, who also announced that he will offer an intimate show for his Peruvian fans.

It should be noted that Leanddro Nares is a singer-songwriter who lives in the USA. At the age of 15 he studied music at the Escuela De Bellas Artes in the Dominican Republic. She then begins and completes her acting and singing studies at “Raúl Julia Training” in New York.

In the Dominican Republic he ventured into the merengue genre as part of the group “Young stop”. During the course of the various tours with this group, he managed to gain experience and security on stage, delivering the best to his audience.

In Las Vegas in 2003, he won the award for “Best Acoustic Performance” in the Latin category, at the New York Music Festival. In Miami in 2007 he was the winner of the Estrella Music Awards for his song “Hablamos” in the “Tropical Fusion” category.