Leidsa and National Lottery today: results of the draws of September 23 LIVE

Daily, the Leidsa, Real and Nacional lotteries of the Dominican Republic are played. Today we will present the results of this today, Friday, September 23. These are the most popular pools in the country, since they offer great prizes, which are given to those who dare to try their luck in this type of games of chance. Next, we invite you to follow LIVE all the details and results. You can also review other lottery notes from countries such as Colombia, Panama and Argentina.

The Leidsa and Nacional Dominicana lotteries held their daily draws for today, Thursday, September 22. Next we will see the winning numbers and results.

Find out all the results of Leidsa and the Dominican National Lottery with the LIVE video of September 22.

It is better known as Loto Real in the Dominican Republic for its variety of games and the number of prizes it awards daily through its draws. Real Lottery is an online games and services provider that has positioned itself in Dominican territory through a network of authorized agents and an updated platform.

The National Lottery of the Dominican Republic is the first institution in the nation founded in 1882 with the aim of maintaining a charity group. Today it is one of the main pools in the country, which offers Win More and National Lottery draws.

Leidsa is a pool that operated online for the first time, which is why it is positioned as the Dominican international electronic lottery. It has a variety of draws, such as Pega 3 Más, Loto Pool, Super Kino TV, Quiniela Leidsa and Loto Más.