Lela Espinal dreamed of being a model and created her own “catwalk” on Instagram

Hello, lovers!”, is the personalized greeting that the Dominican Lela Espinal uses in his day to day to connect with thousands of fans through his Instagram account.

In this social network, the blogger He has created his own catwalk. With uniform colors, elegant poses and looks creative.

Lela, from an early age, dreamed of being a modelHowever, that was not possible until he embarked on the digital sphere and created his own photo albums accompanied by small descriptive messages.

“From a very young age my dream was to be a model, at that time it was not possible, because they always told me that ‘being a model left nothing behind and that after 30 years there was going to be no space for me in the industry'”, Lela narrated.

These comments she received in her teens led her to choose another career. “All that was spinning in my head, so I decided to lean towards something else and study the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management”, he expressed without regretting the paths he had to travel before fulfilling his childhood dream.

She never imagined that digital media would open the doors for her to become a model and influencers of fashion with great collaborations and job offers.

He said that he took the initiative to use Instagram as a tool to generate economic income when you lose your job. Through this social network, he sold clothes and shared tips fashion, “from things that I was learning from the magazines that I read.”

“Instagram gave me the opportunity to expose my outfits and connect with other girls”, he stressed, at the same time, adding that he always bought in the bales and Chinese stores because he did not have money to buy brand-name clothes.

The blogger, a native of the Santiago province, understands that fashion has nothing to do with money, but with the style that each person possesses. “It doesn’t matter if the clothes are expensive or cheap. The most important thing is the attitude that someone has to carry any piece, ”she added.

Community of ‘lovers’

created a community of lovers based on quality content in the Dominican Republic, but it is not until he steps on American soil that his brand begins to have a large-scale reach.

“When I came to the United States, my personal brand expanded a lot more and took a pretty big turn. Here the brands look for you more to work and the influencers they are more valued”, commented Lela.

He said that when he left the country he was “a little scared” because he felt that he was leaving behind the majority of his followers, the genesis of his entire project.

He valued his journey as “a difficult road”, but that barriers do not matter when you have a passion for what you do.

Creating content day after day is not an easy task. requires a lot creativity, time, effort and money from the influencers or public figures.

Lela, who has more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram, expressed that in order to develop content that connects with the users of this network, it must be fun and good. According to her, the work of the bloggers must be constant to maintain a metric.

“You have to have discipline not to publish every two months,” he emphasized.

He also commented that she always takes the extra time not to abandon her followers.


She did not fulfill her dream of being a model in her childhood, but later, even after starting her family, she has managed to participate in catwalks for different brands.

In 2022, she made her modeling debut at ‘Punta Cana Merengue Fashion week’. In this event she worked with five designers and her experience was described as unforgettable.

“I’ve been on other catwalks, but not of that magnitude, it was a dream come true,” he emphasized.


Lela shows in each post that she makes the passion she has for fashion, and of course for photographs. Each publication is a work of art that enchants each of her followers.

The love she has for her work is not only transmitted through her publications, but also through her two daughters, Valeria and Valentina, minibloggers who enjoy the world of styling with her.

“We live in a war of love in my closet,” Lela said with a laugh. Together, she added that this part of the house is her favorite “Waltz”.

The photographer

In Lela’s family, each one has an important role in their own work: her daughters are her little versions, she is the main star and her husband, the one who is always behind the camera capturing the beauty that later rests on his social profile. .

“He is the one who has supported me 100% in this entire process of social networks, both in my photos, videos and as a husband and father of my daughters,” Lela commented.

New projects

The networks are not static, as the days go by they evolve, which is why influencerscontent creators or bloggers they must reinvent themselves to keep up with them.

Lela aspires to continue growing. And her goal is to be able to make her own personal brand and reach every lover in a special way. “I want each of my followers to have something of mine,” she finished. influencers.