Leonard accused Karla Tarazona of insulting Olenka Cuba during conciliation [FOTO]

Leonard León against Karla Tarazona again and this time he took the opportunity to publish a powerful message in Instagram to make it clear that the only thing the mother of her two children did in court was insult Olenka Cuba, the mother of her last daughter, in the worst way.

“I get up and find that this lady is still talking about me … doesn’t she get tired? Don’t you have another talent for surviving on your own? Using my children and me, ”he wrote first.

Also, to complement it, he clarified that it is Karla who does not want to have a good relationship for the good of the children, but only wanted to go to the summons, but to insult the mother of her last little girl.

“You were invited to reconcile due to the variation in the visiting regime. At the first invitation you didn’t feel like going; In the second, you only went to insult Olenka and insult me ​​with your lawyer. And no agreement was reached because of you ”, it reads.

Brunella explains why Gato Cuba’s father would approve of his son’s relationship with Ale Venturo

The soccer player Rodrigo Cuba would have given himself a chance in love after his divorce with Melissa Paredes and he is seen to be very excited about his outings with Ale Venturo, Natalie Vértiz’s best friend, and with whom he was caught spending the New Year.

Brunella Horna and Jazmín Pinedo commented on this new relationship. However, they began to question whether Gato Cuba’s father would approve of it.

“I think so, he passes the qualities that he requires. He is not from television, he is a businesswoman, he does not like scandals, he helps him eat fit,” said China.