Leonard León affirms that Karla Tarazona prevents her children from communicating with him

Leonard Leon and Karla Tarazona have had a media and legal battle for several years regarding the maintenance and visitation of their children. The host accused the singer on more than one occasion of not spending the necessary time with her two little ones while the cumbiambero revealed that his ex-partner prevents him from having contact with them.

Now, the national artist used his account Instagram to leave a strong message against the mother of his children. In this statement, León assures that Tarazona prevents free communication with his children by taking away the cell phone that he gave them.

“You say that lies have short legs, when I have given my children a cell phone so that they can communicate with me and directly agree on outings with the oldest and until today you put the pretext that they are going to have a cell phone for 1 hour for vice ”, he began.

“But what? And when his father calls, can’t they hand him the phone? here I have all the evidence that I write, call and have no answer. When a parent calls there should be no restrictions, I hope to hear from my children as soon as possible and that they give them their cell phone so they can talk to me, “he added.

Leonard León was able to spend Christmas Eve with his two children with Karla Tarazona so the driver was happy. Likewise, the model assured that, despite the fact that the father of her older children does not fulfill his obligations, he always has the doors of his house open to see them.

“We don’t have any kind of communication. He lost visitation; Despite this, you have the facilities if you want to pick up your children. The subject under discussion was never if you don’t give me (the maintenance), I won’t let you see them. There was never that on my part. Despite the fact that the man owes me more than 50 thousand soles, despite the fact that he has lost all the lawsuits, the doors of my house are open. I could put myself on another plan, but I respect the feelings and decisions of my children, “he told El Popular.