Leonard León and the outrageous response to women who criticize him for Karla Tarazona

Strong words. The singer Leonard León surprised the users of social networks, after hearing his emphatic response to the comments he has received by ask for a discount on your alimony debt with the host Karla Tarazona, generating the outrage of thousands of women.

Let us remember that the musical artist owes an approximate of 78 thousand soles for pension payments to the children that he shares with the presenter of “Get turned on”, although he assures that this amount needs a discount because he has been paying small amounts each month. What did he say about women?

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What did Leonard León say about women?

After seeing that hundreds of women chose to defend Karla Tarazona, the musical interpreter used his account TikTok to try to defend himself from the comments, but his response generated a lot of controversy, as it has caused the outrage of women with his way of thinking.

“I want to tell you, it’s not only the man’s responsibility, it’s 50-50, 50% the man and 50% the woman, not only the man works but also the woman,” the man tried to defend himself. former member of “Group 5”.

But the strongest of his statements is focused on: “I might think that the women who call me a scoundrel, are they women who are only waiting for their ex’s money? I don’t think so. Everything is 50 – 50, both male and female. There are excellent female professionals, but there are women who are waiting for their ex’s money.”

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Users react to Leonard León’s statements

The criticisms towards interpreter of “My sweet doll” They have increased by a large number, as women have been affected by the words used by the musical artist, unable to believe what would happen.

“So if they talk so much, they should put their nanny and cook, apart from the pension for their food”, “What happened to this man… he doesn’t have blood on his face”, “But if his wife has always worked, he is what does not fulfill its responsibilities”, read in most of the comments.

One of the most prominent in Facebook This is where he explains what the true half job between parents is: “If one of the spouses is dedicated to housework and caring for their children, the other has the obligation to support the family. That is 50 – 50” says one user.

These are some of the comments that Leonard León has received in response. Source: Facebook.

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Will Leonard León be at REDAM?

The host of “Prendete” He was on the Lady Guillén program with his lawyer, to indicate the process that the father of his children is facing after the impediment to exit that he obtained for not paying his debt.

“These days comes the registration in REDAM, which is the registry for parents debtors alimony,” reported Karla Tarazona’s lawyer.