Leonard León could go to prison for “crime of omission of family assistance,” according to Karla’s lawyer

After learning that Leonard León has a large debt with his children for not paying their alimony, as well as the impediment to leave the country that was dictated to him, now he would have to assume a more serious sentence that has to do with his freedom, as revealed Karla Tarazona’s lawyer.

The host and her defender reached the set of “Say it loud“with the purpose of talking about the judicial process that has been facing Karla with Leonard in relation to the issue of their minors that they had when they were a couple years ago.

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According to the lawyer’s statements, together with Karla they are following to the letter what the norm indicates in these cases, because, if Leonard does not comply with the payments, a new process can be opened for the issue of recidivism and for which the judge could dictate “effective prison”.

“And after this, it will go on to a criminal matter so that the Prosecutor’s Office investigates for the crime of omission of family assistance and this is already a criminal matter that the judge is going to take in the criminal process and the criminal judge will Let’s see the issue of the sentence (…) If the man does not comply with the maintenance obligations for his children, the criminal judge can sentence up to effective imprisonment, “indicated the lawyer.

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Karla Tarazona denies negotiating the debt that Leonard León has with his children

After Leonard León went out to ask the authorities for consideration in order to reduce the debt of S/ 78 thousand that he has for not having complied with the pensions of the children with Karla Tarazona, the latter spoke about that request.

During an interview she had with Trome, the television host indicated that there is nothing to negotiate because it is a judicial matter that her lawyer is in charge of seeing.

The same way, Tarazona He explained that the entire process that has been taking place is not due to some kind of whim, but because he has enough evidence to publicize the irresponsibility of the cumbia singer.

“That (debt) is not negotiable, impossible. If it got here it is because there is a debt. I can’t talk about it anymore, but my lawyer is the one who is taking care of everything. Justice is the same for everyone, if it came up to here… it’s because there is evidence, the law is the law. I’ll let justice take care of everything and I’ll go all the way,” he said.