Leonard León denies owing 78,000 soles to Karla Tarazona for accruals: “I have deposited a significant amount”

Leonard Leon He broke his silence and came forward to clarify some points that seem unfair to him after being prevented from leaving the country. As is known, Karla Tarazona denounced that the father of her children has a debt of 78,000 soles in accruals, and that he has been turning a “blind eye” with that account. Given this, the judge ruled the impediment to leave the country against the singer, until he finishes paying the debt or it is certain, with guarantees, that he will pay the amount of money mentioned.

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What did Leonard León say about the debt he owes to Karla Tarazona?

The Olenka Cuba couple used their official Tiktok account to deny the mother of their children. In addition, she denied that she was “begging” for the accrued debt to be reduced.

“That amount of 78,000 soles is not correct because, in that period from March 2020 to May 2022, I have deposited month after month, not suddenly, the 3,000 soles, but a significant amount that helps and meets the needs basic, so I have been depositing constantly every month and that amount has to be subtracted”, said Leonard León.

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Leonard León assures that he has proof of deposits

The singer assured that he has proof of the deposit, for which he came out to deny the debt. “What I am requesting is that my right to have the deposits I made in that period from March 2020 to May 2022 be considered subtracted, that has to be reduced, hence why we have all the vouchers, I have them stored here and will be delivered in due course, when the liquidation process comes,” narrowed.