Leonard León piqued Magaly Medina after criticism: “A new theme is coming with my great friend Giuliana Rengifo”

He can’t with his genius. Leonard León is on everyone’s lips due to her dimes and diretes with Magaly Medina after her criticism of her roosters in a live presentation a few days ago, and until now he has not let her go because he decided to mention her to Giuliana Rengifo.

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Everything was revealed in social media. The comments of the concuctora remembering her past of complaints of aggression against Karla Tarazona and her sister she would not have liked at all, and she made it known in the stories of her official account of Instagram.

“Tomorrow (Thursday, April 14) I will answer you Magaly, tomorrow is Holy Thursday but I will still answer you, point by point, to be able to shut your mouth,” he said. Leonard Leonto then ruthlessly announce that he will collaborate with Alfredo Zambrano‘s ex-partner.

“And the new theme is coming with my great friend Giuliana Rengifo,” added the Olenka Cuba couple in another story, which had the song and image of a penguin, referring to Magaly Medina’s husband.

Finally, Leonard Leon called ‘resentful’ Magaly Medina, and made it clear that “he was going to make her step on the ground”. “We are going to make that resentful one step on the ground but with good music,” she sentenced.

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Does Giuliana Rengifo hint that Alfredo Zambrano would have wanted to return to her?: “They have cried for me”

Giuliana Rengifo asked Brunella Horna a question, and ended up being asked if this situation had also happened to her, to which she confessed that yes, an ex-boyfriend broke down in tears to return. “Have they cried for you?” Janet Barboza questioned, and she answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, they have cried for me, surely you are seeing me,” he specified, encouraging himself to send a greeting, which led to the sound of an opera song, in a clear allusion to Alfredo Zambrano. After this event, Rulitos reported that it would have been Magaly Medina’s husband who cried for her. “I can already imagine her, sitting on the edge of the pool, and there is a bird asking you to come back,” she said, causing laughter.