Leonidas 2021: When and how to see the meteor shower today?

Among the many astronomical events of the month of November, it is now the turn of the Leonids, the most important of this month. This meteor shower will hit the upper part of the atmosphere in just one hour. Learn more details in this note.

The Leonidas they are so called because it is located in the radiant in Leo and they are fragments of comet 55P / Tempel-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1865, and which has an orbital period of 33.2 years. The next time this phenomenon occurs will be in 2031.

When to see the Leonid meteor shower 2021?

It is anticipated that Leonidas reach their peak on Wednesday, November 17. The normal thing is to wait for the night, but the brightness of the Moon could make it difficult to observe the meteors for several hours.

We recommend that you be vigilant during the early hours of November 17 and 18, from an hour before sunrise, just when the Moon sets below the horizon and the sky becomes darker.

What time can I see the Leonid Meteor Shower 2021?

This schedule is an approximate as it will depend a lot on the weather, the usual thing is that the sky is clear to be able to See the Leonid Meteor Shower.

  • Starting at 4:00 am in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Central America, Mexico, USA and Spain
  • Starting at 3.30 am in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Where to see the Leonid meteor shower 2021?

This astronomical phenomenon can be seen in the southern and northern hemispheres; however, in the latter you will have more hours available for observation.