Leslie Shaw will give an interview to Giancarlo Granda after being linked to Tommy Mottola

Leslie Shaw will give her first interview on a talk show. Youtube after rumors of being the bone of contention in the relationship between Thalia and the music businessman Tommy Mottola. Mexican media revealed that the interpreter of ‘La faldita’ would be responsible for the end of this marriage of more than 20 years.

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One month ago, Thalia and Tommy They celebrated 22 years of marriage. The couple got married in New York and had great guests like Michael Jackson, Jennifer López, Julio Iglesias, Danny DeVito, Marc Anthony, Juan Gabriel, Cristiana Saralegui, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, among others.

Today, rumors in Mexico claim that Mottola was unfaithful to the Mexican singer with Leslie Shaw, who, until recently, boasted of his marriage to ‘El Prefe’. By the way, the rapper would have responded to these speculations on his networks after posting a laughing emoji.

Given these unconfirmed gossip, the Shaw He decided to break his silence with the “Tiempo muerto” program hosted by “skinny” Granda. “The Pisces girl. Leslie Shaw. Monday 6 at 8:00 pm. in Dead Time. El Flaco Granda Channel,” the sports commentator posted. Will he talk about the husband of her friend Thalía or only about her musical projects?

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Leslie Shaw after rumors with Tommy Mottola: “Thalía loves me”

the peruvian singer Leslie Shaw appeared practicing ‘pole dance’ on his social networks after rumors of an alleged relationship with Tommy Mottola, husband of the mexican Thalia. whatWhat did she think of our compatriot after recording the song ‘I’m Single’, along with Leslie and Farina?

“Leslie is a charm, a love to work with her,” he declared in an interview. “Thalia love to leslieher face says it all”, reads the publication of the popular ‘Colorada’ on her networks. This would be the first pronouncement of the national artist who monopolizes the media covers.