Lesly Castillo presents her closet LIVE, but clarifies: “My husband is doing well, but I am independent”

The popular influencer leslie castillo is in the public eye after he started a closet sale where he sells exclusive designer clothes, but has drawn criticism. For this reason, the public figure did not hesitate to connect with the program of Magaly Medina to expose all his clothes that he will no longer use and even shocked the ‘Magpie’ with the prices.

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This Tuesday, February 2, in the latest edition of Magaly TV La Firme, the ex-partner of Mauricio Diez Canseco made it clear that she is not without needs and even her husband, the mining businessman, is doing very well. Albert Motta. However, she will continue to sell her expensive clothes at cheap prices because they no longer fit despite negative comments.

“I tell you that I do this because I have been a mother and nothing fits me, everything has grown. […] I’m going to show you that there are beautiful things that have cost me dearly, it’s true, but I have to liquidate it because I’m not going to use it anymore. I think it can be used by people who like fashion. But it has happened to me that on TikTok I have been teaching things and people have been insulting me, “he said at the beginning.

“Some say: ‘with the husband’s money’, but it is also my money. […] The fact that I have a person, my husband, who is doing very well financially, I cannot sell. I am an independent person, I like to sell, I like fashion. I do it really because my clothes don’t fit,” he added. leslie castillo quite tired of criticism.

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Lesly Castillo opened her luxurious beach house in Arequipa

The recognized leslie castillo He did not hesitate to share his happiness, through social networks, when he opened his beach house in an exclusive area of ​​the department of Arequipa. This time, the public figure made a tour to show every detail of her new residence, which she enjoys with her little daughters and her husband, the mining businessman, Albert Motta.

“I always dreamed of having a beach house, but what never crossed my mind was having so much fun, like the one I have today with my little ones. This is in Mejia, Arequipa, This is the entire area, there are about 600 or 700 meters. There are 6 or 7 rooms. I just wanted to share a bit of the house, as I told you, having a beach house takes a long time to finish, “she said in her post.

Instagram: Lesly Castillo