Lesly Castillo will give away her daughter’s clothes: “It’s for people who really need it”

Lesly Castillo He returned to his native Arequipa after living for several months in the United States so that his family can meet their second newborn daughter and spend the end of the year parties. However, the joy of the businesswoman was overshadowed by the comments of netizens after celebrating her first-born birthday number three. Now, the model has decided to perform an act of charity with those who need it most.

The Peruvian, to the surprise of her followers, made an important announcement through her social networks with some small clips where she showed clothes that her daughter no longer fits. In addition, she said she has new clothes because her little girl is growing very fast and she has made the decision to give them to people who really need them.

“This little clothes Kiara already left and I’m going to give it to a young couple who don’t have much money. It is clothes that he has worn once or twice (…) there are new things that he has never used. Then, We are going to give gifts to the people who really need them, so the people who really need write to me and according to their story, I’m going to give them and collect clothes “ The ex-driver expressed in Instagram stories.

The Arequipa celebrated her first daughter’s third birthday in style. This was revealed on his social networks, where he showed details of the decoration that simulated the ice castle of the sisters Elsa and Anna from the Disney Frozen drawing. It is not the first time that the influencer shares with her followers the funny moments that she lives next to the minors, since she also made a welcome party for her second baby.

The model responded loud and clear to the malicious comment of a user after Lesly Castillo shared some photos of her daughter Charlotte’s birthday. “You teach by your example. Go and give (to the most needy) and stop criticizing and envying the lives of others, “she wrote after being accused of being a materialist with her first-born for having organized a ostentatious party for her in Arequipa.