Let’s talk about supplements with Hiedy Paniagua & Haidy Cruz

In our new space “Health and well-being with Hiedy Paniagua”, the fitness coach Haidy Cruz talks with the nutritional advisor and healthy life coach Hiedy Paniagua to clarify all our doubts about the supplements, why we should take them, when, in what amount and how they benefit your body if you are exercising.

Paniagua, an entrepreneur in the world of fitness, and who has launched her line of protein supplements, “Haidy Cruz Fit by Vitalifestyle”, talks with Hiedy Paniagua about how to take those small steps to move towards a fitter and healthier life, taking care of all feeding. And in that aspect, it clarifies who can and how proteins should be consumed if you are exercising and makes it very clear that there is no food that makes you gain or lose weight, it is how you balance your food where the key is. There are no magic foods or workouts, the point is in balance and finding that successful routine that works for you.

Now, how much protein should we have? Is there a formula that works for everyone? Cruz explains that the human being must ingest 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you divide those pounds by 2 (more or less), which gives you 75 kg, a figure that you multiply by 0.8 and that gives you the amount of daily protein source you should consume, about 60 grams approximately, and there You must include the one you normally eat (turkey, chicken, fish, egg, yogurt, etc). For example, Haidy comments that her protein line is 26 grams; So if of those 60 grams that you need daily, their line provides you 26 grams, the rest you can get through your regular meals. Ideally, supplement both and not try to ingest your protein goal solely on the basis of supplements. That is why Haidy Cruz recommends taking it once or twice a day: 4 or 5 ounces of protein powder with ice and a piece of fruit in the morning and in the afternoon if you suffer from hunger or anxiety. And although he recognizes that excess protein in the body is not bad, he confesses that balance will always be the best guide to good nutrition.

Photo and video: Nelson Pulido